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24 Peaks 2019

A group of 7 friends including Flynn Noe, Max Weatherby, Hubie Sangster, Barnaby Nunn, Joss Murphy, Tom Kerr-Dineen and Des Hartley-Russell have come together with a challenge in mind, to raise money for three charities close to our hearts, one of which being The Jack Winter 'Leg Up' Fund. We would love your support in helping us to raise some funds for these causes, all of which are of great importance to us and many that are close to us. 

The Challenge we have in mind is a Big one: To climb the 24 Peaks of the Lake District, specifically of the Scaffell and Hellveyen Ranges in just 24 hours of hiking over two days. Regarded as one of the most challenging hikes in the UK, it will entail a 56km walk through the hills ascending over 4000 meters in doing so, as well as descending of course! To gain some perspective on the magnitude of the challenge, this would be equivalent to scaling the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, in a single day of hiking. 

Clearly we have undertaken a huge task here for three causes all of which are very close to our hearts and those of  our wider friendship group. The details are as below:

We would love your support and ask that you please donate generously to whichever charities you can and with Gift Aid where possible. We are hoping to keep donations somewhat equal but please do not let that influence your decision too much.

Training has been going (relatively) well and we can’t wait to regale you with tales of the challenge once we get to the other side but will be keeping you updated as we go. Wish us luck!

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